In this document, I’ll be walking you through how to install and set up your HashyLink. We’ve created specific guides for each type of freeze dryer to make it easier. Please click around based off of the pics that looks like yours. – Chase, Hashy co-founder

Step-By-Step Guide

How to Install

Opening Your Freeze Dryer

Connecting Wi-Fi

LED Error Codes


Installing on Pro/Pharma 2023 Units

HashyLink Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Bottom Screen Freeze Dryers

Customer Support

Just in case…

Why are my numbers off?

<aside> ⚠️ Check your freeze dryer settings before running your first batch. – ****Unplugging your freeze dryer might change its settings – Check the units (°F and °C) on your device and the shelf temps – Check any other custom parameters you had – The last thing we want is for you to accidentally run the wrong settings

If your numbers (temps/mTorr) are different on your screen an your HashyLink app, send us a message and we’ll fix it.


Web app: HashyLink 👈

Get support: Discord 👇

Join the Hashy Discord Server!

Basic Overview

  1. Open up your freeze dryer (top or side panel)
  2. Unplug grey ribbon cable
  3. Plug HashyLink into the two slots you just freed up
  4. Download ESP SoftAP Provisioning app and scan QR
  5. Follow Connecting Wi-Fi